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CA (BNB Chain)

$UPFI, the governance token for Uplink Finance. Committed to a 100% fair launch, it embodies the purest ethos of the BTC and Ordinals communities.

Uplink Protocol

Injecting Unparalleled Liquidity into the BTC Ecosystem.

The First Decentralized BTC Stablecoin Protocol. Seamlessly store $ORDI and $BTC, and access Stablecoin borrowing with $UPSD.

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Strategic Partnership

At the heart of Uplink's ecosystem are our collaborations with industry vanguards.

Be Part of the Revolution

$UPFI – your gateway to over 100% rewards APY and a stake in Bitcoin's booming ecosystem.


How It Works

Designed for the savvy $ORDI, $BTC holders and BRC-20 asset investors, Uplink Finance enables you to unlock the value of your holdings without selling. By depositing your assets and borrowing $UPSD, Uplink Finance elevates your liquidity and financial flexibility, freeing up capital while maintaining your investment position


How can I buy $UPFI?


$UPFI, the governance token of Uplink, can be obtained through various channels, emphasizing its accessibility and utility within the ecosystem.

1. Market Purchases: $UPFI is available for trading on markets like OKX Web3 Market and Uniswap, PancakeSwap.

2. Airdrop Claims: Users can receive $UPFI through specifically designed airdrop programs, rewarding early supporters and active community members.

3. Mining Incentives for Using Uplink Stablecoin Products: Utilizing Uplink’s stablecoin offerings enables users to earn $UPFI mining rewards. The team commits to repurchasing 30% of $UPFI from the market to fund these mining incentives. Rewards are distributed to active product users, with anticipated yields exceeding 100%, making it an attractive proposition.

What is Uplink Finance?


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